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Technology Salon – Accra: Can the Principles of Digital Development

be Improved?

The Principles for Digital Development will turn 10 years old next year, offering a great opportunity to look back at their impact, consider contemporary long-term trends and changes in digital development and forward to the future of principled digital development especially for the Ghana context and beyond.

The “Principles” started in 2014, and they’ve grown to become a common framework of reference and language in all our digital development work. Over 315 organizations endorse them, we all follow them and they’re now regularly mentioned in USAID RFPs. Their success has inspired countless other principles too.

Despite the opportunities arising, the risks associated with digital technologies have changed or are now understood differently. Moreover, not every endorsing organization lives the “Principles” daily or deeply. Over the past decade we have learned that:

  • Often more immediate drivers undermine the “Principles”
  • The “Principles” themselves are sometimes in tension with other pressing issues
  • Frankly much has changed in digital development since they were first drafted

As a result, the “Principles”, while aspirational, are inadequately aligned with the contemporary realities digital development policymakers and practitioners confront today.

It is for this reason that Penplusbytes is collaborating with CDD-Ghana to bring together thought leaders in the digital space, regulatory bodies, tech hubs, CSOs, donors etc. to deliberate on the way forward to improve on the “Principles”.

Please RSVP Now for the face-to-face Technology Salon on 11th October 2023, 9:30am at CDD Ghana Conference Room to explore how we can collaboratively improve the Digital Principles.

During the Tech Salon, we’ll seek answers to questions like:

  • Why did we need Digital Principles and are they still relevant today?
  • What’s the program and industry level impact and how do we measure it?
  • Who is leading Principles-driven implementation and what are they learning?
  • Where are there opportunities to improve their relevance and usage?
  • How could we change the “Principles” and would that help or hurt adoption?

Please RSVP Now to discuss the Future of Digital Principles with key experts in the field leading these discussions.

Space is limited to foster intimate conversations, so please RSVP Now and be sure to note the relevance section in your application to attend. Once we reach our discussion capacity, there will be a waiting list!

Can the Principles of Digital Development be improved?

October Technology Salon Accra

Wednesday, October 11 2023

9:30am – 11:30 a.m.

CDD Ghana Conference Room

Accra, Ghana (map)

RSVP is required for attendance


About the Technology Salon

The Technology Salon™ is an intimate, informal, and in-person, discussion between information and communication technology experts and international development professionals, with a focus on both:

  • Technology’s impact on donor-sponsored technical assistance delivery.
  • Private enterprise driven economic development, facilitated by technology.

Our meetings are lively conversations, not boring presentations. Attendance is capped at 35 people – and frank participation with ideas, opinions, and predictions is actively encouraged.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet others motivated to employ technology to solve vexing development problems. Join us today!