Promoting good
governance in Africa

using new digital technologies

Who We Are

Our primary focus is on leveraging technology and knowledge to enhance good governance, empowering the media, civil society, and other stakeholders with cutting-edge digital tools and innovations. 

Moreover, we strive to build a dynamic community of technology-savvy advocates, all dedicated to promoting good governance and driving positive change.

Focus Areas

New Media & Innovations

- Global leader in developing new digital tools for use in solving different social and civic challenges
- Promotes high quality journalism powered by new digital technologies
- Promote media and information literacy among young people and other vulnerable groups

Tech & Good Governance

- Enhanced active citizens' participation in governance process through new digital tools
- Mobilise and amplify citizens voices to influence national policies


- Supporting media, citizens and civil society to play oversight role over Africa's extractive sector
- Information and Knowledge sharing platform

Climate Change & Well Being

- Enhance access to equitable health care among vulnerable groups using new digital tools
- Create awareness and build media capacity to inform and educate on climate related issues

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