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Penplusbytes’ Giving for Change Christmas: A campaign to support the “One Child, One NHIS Card Project” on Yen Somu Bi Crowdfunding Platform

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Christmas is a season of abundance, joy, and sharing. It identifies the end of the previous year and establishes the tone for the “New Year.” Many individuals, groups and organizations celebrate it as a “Season of Giving”.  This year, Penplusbytes in partnership with My HereAfter Project is set to launch its 20-day giving campaign dubbed “Giving for Change Christmas” from Monday 28th November 2022. The campaign seeks to support the My HereAfter Project “One Child, One NHIS Card” project to register more than 5,000 children in Northern regions of Ghana on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The “Season of Giving” is not just about gifting candy and hampers.  What if this time around we also plan to donate some amount of money as a means to enroll children living in deprived and rural areas in the North on the National Health Insurance Scheme? Think about it. Your little donation can make a huge difference in the lives of many children and families as you provide them access to healthcare and save lives.

Penplusbytes, in collaboration with My HereAfter Project is inviting you (individuals, groups, and corporations) to donate to this important cause by simply visiting the Yen Somu Bi ( platform. This would allow children to receive timely healthcare treatment, enhance their health and well-being by accessing health facilities, staying in touch with caregivers for frequent check-ups, and receive health education from healthcare professionals.

According to Halimatu Nuhu, Team Lead of My HereAfter Project, “lots of children living in the rural parts of Northern Ghana are dying due to late detection of chronic diseases and it is because their parents do not have money to access healthcare in the various health facilities and also due to lack of knowledge about their health condition. I believe enrolling these children on the National Health Insurance Scheme would go a very long way to prevent many of these deaths.”

Ms. Nuhu added that her team has already registered and issued about 1000 cards to children in about 10 selected deprived communities in Northern Ghana since the commencement of this project, and are looking forward to register more children through kind donations.

The Executive Director of Penplusbytes, Mr. Jerry Sam also highlighted how the STAR Ghana Foundation funded Yen Somu Bi platform (  has been instrumental in helping CSOs/NGOs/CBOs to raise funds for their various campaigns/projects since it went public.

“The Yen Somu Bi Project is in its 2nd year of implementation and we intend to end the year on an inspiring and worthwhile note. Our support to the 1 child,1 NHIS card project is our way of lending a helping hand while ultimately contributing to the achievement of the SDG target in universal health coverage. We encourage everyone to give generously to this good cause.”

Mr. Sam further explained why the #1child,1NHISCard project was selected for the “Giving for Change Christmas” campaign. “Halima and her team at My HereAfter Project are doing amazing work in Northern Ghana and by getting ordinary people in hard to reach communities registered on the National Health Insurance Scheme with evidence of how their work is improving lives in Northern Ghana. We call on all and sundry to support this worthy cause,” he added.

Remember, there is nothing more fulfilling like putting smiles on the faces of children especially during this festive occasion. Kindly visit the Yen Somu Bi platform ( to donate to this worthy cause. It is just 8 Ghana cedis per child. Click here and make your donations.


About Penplusbytes

Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization driving change through innovations in the following key areas: using new digital technologies to enable good governance and accountability, new media and innovations, climate and well-being, and enhancing oversight for effective utilization of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.

About My Hereafter Project (MHP)

My Hereafter Project (MHP) is a registered Non-governmental Organization established in the year 2013 to provide support to vulnerable people living in the society. MHP strives to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable groups and sub groups including the disabled, widows, prison inmates, orphans, etc.