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Message From the Executive Director, Penplusbytes on Elections Day


Below is a message of peace issued by our executive director, Mr. Kwami Ahiabenu II on this Election Day:

“Good day, fellow Ghanaians, it is indeed another moment where we exercise our franchise and put our democracy to the test.

The whole world is watching to see if indeed we will build on the democratic credentials we have built since independence. I entreat you all to take heed and go to the polls today and return in peace.

Join the queues and wait for your turn. After which, return home and continue your day till close of polls at 5pm when results will be announced. Remain calm till final results declaration by the Electoral Commission.

Penplusbytes, as an organization recognizes the importance of social media during this period. It worked for Kenya during their 2013 elections and for Nigeria just last year. Its role today as we visit the polls cannot be overemphasized. There will be both true and false reports amidst the chatter on social media.

Many will try to manipulate the masses using the medium but be rest assured that Penplusbytes’ Social Media Tracking Centre will be putting such in check. The team at the centre will be working around the clock till the final declaration and will be monitoring all that goes on to social media. You can get involved by sending tweets with the hashtag #ghanaelections or sending your experience at the polls via WhatsApp to 0241995737.

All posts will be fact checked to authenticate them and confirmed reports will be communicated in real time.

We must all get involved in every small way in ensuring a credible, peaceful, free and fair elections today.

Ghana’s destiny will always stay in the hands of the Ghanaian people only, who will stay united and peaceful at any cost during the perceived turbulence of the election period.

May God continue to bless this great nation!!! ”


Kwami Ahiabenu II,

Exec. Director.