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Local Crowdfunding platform launched


In most global economies, philanthropy or charitable giving constitutes a significant portion of investment for national growth. Charitable giving takes various forms such as giving off time, talent, treasure or other resources for good.

It is for this reason that Penplusbytes with funding from STAR Ghana Foundation is implementing the “Yen Somu Bi” (translates as “Let’s lend a helping hand”) project, which seeks to throw light on domestic philanthropic giving by building an innovative research linked fundraising and advocacy platform.

This Platform allows civil society organisations and ordinary citizens interested in philanthropy mount campaigns that appeal to different philanthropic individuals and entities and cause them to react by giving off their time, talent or monetary resources.

This Yen Somu Bi crowdfunding space ( is a low-tech user-friendly online platform that serves as a directory and repository for all kinds of advocacy campaigns. It is an avenue for individuals and CSOs/NGOs/CBOs to create their own crowdfunding and/or advocacy campaigns.

Currently, the platform consolidates all the appeals for funds or non-financial support from CSO partners under the STAR Ghana funded “Giving for Change” Program.

It showcases successes chalked from some campaigns; impact stories and serves as a reference point that provides options for various causes that potential philanthropists can focus their support on.

On transparency and accountability, the Executive Director of Penplusbytes, Jerry Sam explained the role of the fund management team.

“It is a 3-member team that regulates disbursement of funds and resources based on a disbursement framework. Their work is simply to ensure that funds go to who and what it is needed for.”

As a way to counter the transient nature of traditional media where it is possible people may miss fundraising campaigns which may be of interest to them, the platform sends out regular alerts on social media and to interested persons.

“With radio and television, it frequently happens that people miss out on the campaigns that are being aired. As a result, it is quite improbable that people will remember the campaign they indicated they would support. Individuals and interested stakeholders who sign up onto the Yen Somu Bi platform will regularly get prompts and notifications to remind them of the campaign being run and how to contribute to the said campaign.” he added.

The Yen Somu Bi platform is available for any locally registered civil society organization (CSO), community-based organization (CBO) or non-governmental organization (NGO) to start a campaign. All one has to do is complete the free registration for a campaigner’s account and get started.

The innovation here is that most crowdfunding platforms concentrate on raising monetary funds but this platform will go a step further than that by incorporating campaigns for non-financial causes.

Visit now and start your campaign or donate today.


About Penplusbytes

Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization driving change through innovations in the following key areas: using new digital technologies to enable good governance and accountability, new media and innovations, climate and well-being, and enhancing oversight for effective utilisation of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.

About STAR Ghana Foundation

STAR Ghana Foundation is a national centre for active citizenship and philanthropy. The Foundation works towards the development of a vibrant, well-informed and assertive civil society able to contribute to transformational national development and inclusive access to high quality, accountable public services for all Ghanaian citizens.