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How did tech change the face of Ghana’s elections 2016?

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How did tech change the face of Ghana’s elections 2016?
  Accra, Ghana – December 20 – RSVP Now

On December 7, 2016, Ghana passed yet another democratic test when it conducted what is now being widely described as a very successful elections to choose a new President and 275 members of parliament.

From the tech-based systems deployed by media houses that enabled their collation and projections of results, through the Electoral Commission’s engagement with citizens via social media, to how political parties tracked their numbers before the final and official declaration, and with thousands of election observers using tech to observe and report happenings from all over Ghana; a major feature of the 2016 poll was how technology took center stage of the entire democratic process by almost every key stakeholder, citizens inclusive.

The seeming success of the role of technology has not come without its own difficulties. The next Accra Technology Salon seeks to discuss exactly how technology changed the face of Ghana’s elections 2016 including a discussion on challenges and successes.

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How did tech change the face of Ghana’s elections 2016?

11th Technology Salon Accra.
Tuesday, 20th December 2016
8:30am – 10:30 a.m.
New Media Hub at Penplusbytes
No.1 Ostwe Close, Ako Adjei, Osu,
Accra, Ghana (map)
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