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GCAA to issue new directives on use of ‘drones’ in Ghana


The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is set to issue New Directives on the requirements for the registration and use of ‘drones’ in Ghana.

The drones which is technically known as ‘remotely piloted aircraft system’ is among other things meant to serve as a directive to supplement the provisions of the Ghana Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2011, L.I. 2000.

It is also to ensure safety in the operations of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

Among some of the obligations under the new directives are that; Personnel will not be obliged to act as an RPA observer without having in his/ her possession proof of RPA observer competency issued by a training organization approved by the Authority.

Meanwhile some privileges and conditions included are;

  1. No person shall operate an RPAS without a license issued by the Authority.
  2. No RPAS pilot shall operate an RPAS except in accordance with the ratings, limitations or endorsements of their license.
  3. The exercise of the privileges granted by a remote pilot license shall depend on the validity of the license, the medical certificate and if applicable, of the ratings contained in the license.
  4. An RPAS piloting license shall be valid for a period of five (5) years, renewable every year upon proof of a valid medical certificate

According to the GCAA, more on the initial directives could be assessed on their website under the heading, “Safety Directives on Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).”

GCAA will however be holding a Stakeholders conference next month to finalize the new directives.

Click to view the new regulations.