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8th Accra Technology Salon to discuss the role of ICTs in Ghana’s Agricultural development

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Accra – On Thursday March 10, Penplusbytes will host the 8th Accra Technology Salon at the New Media Hub, Osu on the topic: “How can ICTs support Productivity in Ghana’s Agricultural sector?” aimed at taking an expository dive into how technology can boost the quality and general development of Ghana’s Agricultural sector.

With discussions to be led by two thought leaders, Daniel Asare-Kyei – Managing Director – Esoko and Tamir Ofer – Managing Director, Agritop Ltd, the Technology Salon would attempt to address questions such as:

▪ Is ICT the antidote to ensuring sustained Agricultural productivity in Ghana?

▪ What potentials do ICT hold in Ghana’s Agriculture development?

▪ Have there been local success stories in ICTs application in Agriculture in Ghana?

▪ What are the types of ICT solutions available?

▪ What are some of the emerging ICTs and their applications in agriculture?

▪ What are some of the easily identifiable gaps that could be fixed by Technology?

▪ What are the challenges so far faced and anticipated in ICTs deployment in agriculture?

▪ How do we mitigate these challenges using technology?

Agriculture plays a very important role in the socio economic development of most countries and Ghana is no exception. However, any significant development in the agricultural sector in this era will largely depend on the wide use of information and communication technology (ICT). The use of computers, internet, geographical information systems (GIS), mobile phones and their related applications as well as traditional media such as radio or TV will greatly influence this developmental growth in the sector.

Technology has become important due to the growing demand for higher quality products in recent times. Competitive pricing statistics indicate that the use of ICT tools enhances agricultural production by increasing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of small scale farms.

According to Kwame Ahiabenu, II, Executive Director of Penplusbytes, agriculture is facing new and severe challenges that can only be solved with ICT. “As agriculture becomes more globalized, the need for information becomes most vivid. Small holder farmers, who still provide a significant portion of Ghana’s food need information to advance their work just as much as industrial scale producers. Both require a variety of technical and financial support to grow and become inclusive and effective. Many of these challenges and others can be addressed by using ICT effectively,” he said. Mr. Ahiabenu, II added that the upcoming Tech Salon is going to enable stakeholders discuss practical ways agriculture can be enhanced with ICTs.



Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization driving change through innovations in three key areas: using new digital technologies to enable good governance and accountability, new media and innovations, and driving oversight for effective utilisation of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.

The Technology Salon™ is an intimate, informal, and in person, discussion between information and communication technology experts and international development professionals, with a focus on both:

  • technology’s impact on donor-sponsored technical assistance delivery, and
  • private enterprise driven economic development, facilitated by technology.