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21 years of Catalysing Innovations across Networks and Communities

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Let’s use a time machine and travel back to the year 2001. When we leave the machine, we enter a world in which smartphones do not yet exist. Windows XP has just been launched and a first iTunes Version is on the market. Journalists also still pretty much rely on notes, pencils, big camera equipment and libraries.

That is the environment when on 18th of July, 2001 a group of young Ghanaians formed Penplusbytes. Initially, it was dubbed “International Institute of ICT Journalism”.

Nowadays, 21 years later, the approach is much broader. Our mission is to promote effective governance by deploying technology that enhances participation. One of the best examples for that is our newly built App “Shortchanged” (downloadable on Google Play and Apple Store). It seeks to create awareness about selected policies in the health and education sectors in Ghana and Mali and provide spaces for citizens to report on their experiences with each policy.

Simply, citizens get to know what their tax money is used for and can easily add their voices through online surveys and maybe shape the next policy with their experiences.

Let’s celebrate and look forward to our next innovative projects. We cannot be where we are now without our partners, clients and the ever-thriving team and management here at Penplusbytes. We say Ayekoo to us all!!!

Penplusbytes has turned 21 and we are still counting.