Tech Driven Social Accountability for Results Project


Social Accountability, the mechanism that citizens, communities, and the media can use to demand accountability in the public sphere has become an attractive approach for demanding improved governance and effective public service delivery. Over the years, the government has implemented a number of social interventions aimed at reducing poverty. However, though, there are a number of mechanisms for ensuring citizens are empowered to participate in the delivery of efficient public services, there is a distinct lack of state mechanisms and citizens’ capacity, while other interventions fail to provide timely feedback for improved local development. In view of this problem, Penplusbytes is rolling out “Tech Driven Social Accountability for Results” project intended to empower citizens on the use of new digital tools in order to hold government to account. The overall objective of the project is to create a culture where citizens are equipped to actively engage in policy implementation and demand accountability.



Established on the 18th of July 2001, Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization driving change through innovations in three key areas: using new digital technologies to enable good governance and accountability, new media and innovations, and driving oversight for effective utilisation of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.


To be the leading institution for promoting effective governance using technology in Africa.


Promoting effective governance by deploying technology that enhances participation. 


Click to download the document: Penplusbytes Strategic Plan 2016-2021 


The values and guiding principles that are promoted and staff of Penplusbytes must epitomise includes:

  • PROFESSIONALISM:  We are committed to excellence in providing the best possible services to our clients in a responsive and non-partisan way. We favour a collaborative approach in order to achieve sustainable results and added value.  
  • INGENUITY:  We seek and embrace new approaches for service delivery and strive to develop innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by our clients, while leveraging the experience, expertise and creativity of our staff and partners.
  • VALUING PEOPLE: We are respectful and fair with our colleagues, clients and partners while recognizing the importance of diversity and open communication.
  • HIGH STANDARDS:  We aim for excellence in service delivery and in all the work that we or our partners commit to do. We constantly apply new learning to the way we do things and apply resources to achieving outstanding results every time.
  • TRANSPARENCY:  We are transparent and accountable in the work that we do, applying the highest level of integrity and trust in dealing with all of our partners and clients. We accept individual and team responsibility for our actions and for the results of our projects and programs.
  • Promoting media pluralism and good governance in Africa using new digital technologies.