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RSVP: Accra Tech Salon- The case of the Digital Addressing System in Ghana – the role of technology


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The case of the Digital Addressing System in Ghana – the role of technology

Accra, Ghana – November 8 – RSVP now

The last time Ghana was comprehensively mapped was in 1974! According to officials of the Lands Commission such mapping is supposed to be undertaken every five years. However, the Land Administration Project (LAP), which began in 2003, has been able to map only 10% of Ghana’s landmass.

After analysing the factors behind the successes of developed countries, it has been realised that knowledge, skills and technology have been vital in making strides towards using accurate data to improve service delivery and formulating appropriate government policies.

According to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Government, to build the productive capacity of Ghana, it is important to know who is in the country and where people actually live. For this reason a biometric National ID that supersedes all other forms of national identification of Ghanaians dubbed “Ghana Card” was launched.

The next on government’s list of inclusion-improvement programs, is the digital addressing system.

The Digital property addressing and ID system was launched on 18th October 2017 and would be fully operational with a Ghanaian owned IT company at the helm of ensuring this venture will be a success.  This project is to help reduce the risk profile of citizens, improve citizens’ access to financial services and to match up with other developed countries, as the driving force of the economic foundation of every country is the firm establishment of database of the country’s nationals.

For success to hold true for this project, this project must take into consideration cultural and socio-economic factors that impinge the smooth deployment of technology to undertake a task such as this. There should be massive sensitization activities to make citizens conversant with what to do and how to do what.

For this reason, the next Accra Technology Salon, will host key stakeholders under this project from government agencies, local government officials, civil society and technologists on how dialogue can help address this technological change in the country.

Please RSVP now to join the next Accra Tech Salon with thought leaders including:

Please RSVP now to join the discussion as we explore issues like:

  • How can the digital addressing system be useful to both urban and rural Ghanaians?
  • What is the key message in telling this project story?
  • Can both offline and online media be used to enhance dialogue on the project?
  • What is government’s communication and data strategy for the project?
  • Can social media play any role in tracking the success of the project?
  • Technology for development, the way forward for Ghana

We’ll have hot coffee and catered breakfast treats for a morning rush, but seating is limited. Once we reach our 30-person capacity there will be a waiting list!

Tech in Street Addressing

November Technology Salon Accra

Wednesday, November 8 2017

8:30am – 10:30 a.m.

New Media Hub at Penplusbytes

No.1 Ostwe Close, Ako Adjei, Osu,

Accra, Ghana (map)

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