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A5 flyer Eng for Ada

Transparency, accountability and civic participation are necessary conditions to ensure that public resources especially at the grassroots are used efficiently. These conditions helps to ensure that public policies are not only designed in the best interest of citizens but ensure governments work for their benefit. For, this to be realized, Penplusbytes with funding from Making All Voices Count (MAVC) is launching the “Grassroots Open Government Using New Digital Tools” project.

The project which aims to enhance communication and information sharing between citizens and the local government will be launched on the 26th of August 2015 in Dorgwam – Ada, in the Ada East District Assembly of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana at 9:00am.

According to Jerry Sam, the Director of Projects at Penplusbytes, The “Grassroots Open Government Using New Digital Tools” project is being implemented in in two MMDAs namely: the Ada East District in the Greater Accra Region and the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly in the Northern Region, seeks to promote transparency and accountability at the community level in Ghana and it is expected to promote effective, responsive and responsible governance, and better public service delivery.”

The project focuses on simplifying the development plan and budgets of the selected District Assemblies and highlight service delivery in the areas of health, sanitation and education. Through a collaborative and integrated approach, the project makes use of an integrated set of tested tools namely: an interactive online platform integrated with mobile app, SMS; traditional media, and an information and knowledge management tool.

“A Key expected outcome of the project is to deliver an Improved and well informed government actors on the nature, depth and quality of information demanded by citizens, using appropriate technology to achieve better communication and monitoring between them.” Jerry Sam added

On her part, Gontse Legong, Programme Officer at MAVC, says, the “Grassroots Open Government Using New Digital Tools” will ensure citizens at the local level have a voice in how resources allocated for development are prudently utilised to eradicate poverty and stimulate wealth creation using both new digital tools and face-to-face interventions such as public forums and community radio.”

The launch is expected bring together members of parliament, assembly members, community members, opinion leaders, community based organisations (CBOs) and stakeholders in health, sanitation and education from the Ada East District Assembly in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

A relaunch of the project is scheduled to take place in Tamale on 10th of September, 2015


Penplusbytes is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to empower the media through the use of Information and Communications Technology to advance journalism in the coverage of governance and accountability, new media and innovations, and mining, oil and gas.

Making All Voices Count is an international initiative that contributes towards effective governance and accountability by enabling citizen engagement and open, responsive government in 12 countries in Africa and Asia.

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