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Penplusbytes celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Penplusbytes is 20 years old! From a start point of driving innovations in quality journalism through the use of new media techniques and skills training to becoming a leader in customising and building disruptive new digital technologies that increases citizens’ participation in governance, Penplusbytes is currently driving change across Africa in the following key areas: new digital technologies that enhances good governance, new media and innovations, climate and well-being, and oversight for effective utilisation of mining, oil and gas revenue and resources.

During the course of our journey, we have created avenues for ordinary citizens’ voices to be heard at the grassroots and on the corridors of power; we have designed and developed tech apps that have changed the way persons with disabilities and marginalised groups are perceived and made it possible for their inclusion in the decision making processes; we have deployed tools that ensure credible elections across the African continent; we have provided insights through research to improve transparency and accountability in governance and headlined anti-corruption measures that have improved the governance of the extractive sector.

We have achieved key milestones over the years through our participatory approaches, being an initiator for collective movement for change; advocating for duty bearers’ responsiveness to citizens’ needs and their judicious use of available resources.

According to the Executive Director of Penplusbytes, Juliet Amoah, “Penplusbytes has had an amazing 20 years of collaborative working with different governments to improve the lives of their citizens and to find a way to make meaningful and lasting changes to the communities they govern. We know we have made a difference, and we look forward with great hopes to working more closely with communities to end the needs that hinder their growth into resilient societies.”

Penplusbytes’ Founder, Kwami Ahiabenu II, said “I am proud of how Penplusbytes has transformed in the last two decades and it can only continue to innovate and sustain its leadership role in the years to come”.

To mark our 20th year in existence this month – July 2021, Penplusbytes is embarking on a-year-long programme of activities to commemorate the celebration. During the course of the year, we will carry our audience on a retrospective journey through a gallery of the various interventions we have embarked on and the impact made within our communities; we will also undertake media and citizen engagements through our online platforms to allow citizens to share their experiences with Penplusbytes and what they expect from us as we position ourselves towards future exploits of promoting good governance in Ghana and in different parts of Africa.

We will also feature our loyal partners we have worked with and who have supported our work over the years to share their experiences with Penplusbytes, the successes and what the future looks like as we find ourselves in a new world that highly requires the curation and use of more new digital technologies.
Thank you for your support over the years. We are grateful to all our donors and partners who have collaborated with us during these past two decades and we look forward to making more impact in the coming decade.