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Most Ghanaians Think Government Has Done Nothing to Tackle Corruption – Penplusbytes’ Polls Says


From December 4th to 9th, Ghana joins the world to mark International Anti-Corruption Week with activities all week long aimed at raising awareness on the canker. As part of pre-celebration week activities, Penplusbytes with support from Strengthening Action Against Corruption (STAAC) developed a simple question to solicit public opinion on how well Government has tackled the issue of corruption so far (

The polls opened on Wednesday 29th November and ended on Saturday 2nd December. Results collated indicate, over 50 percent think Government has done nothing to tackle corruption so far.

Below are the results in an infographic:

The polls forms a prelude to an upcoming research project to be done by Penplusbytes on Government’s campaign and manifesto promises on measures to tackle corruption and what has been done so far. The project dubbed “METOGU” will be done across randomly selected districts of the country where Ghanaians will be asked how they perceive Government’s anti-corruption initiatives so far.