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Instagram and Journalism- the trend and possibilities


In our fast-paced digital world, social networking is taking over as the primary way most people receive information. Instagram, one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms, is used daily by more than half of its 600 million active users. And it’s good for more than just posting selfies, brunches, and other social events.

At a time when visual content is critical for any brand to execute on a successful marketing strategy, Instagram presents a unique opportunity to position a media brand creatively and showcase its personality. Plus, it is a place where consumers can see a media house’s curated content on the daily without feeling overwhelmed by emails and notifications. Half of the platform’s users check their feed multiple times a day.

Companies have not only grown but have been born on social platforms like Instagram. So what makes them so insta-good?

We all know by now the basics for social content best practices. Create unique posts and engage users in a personal way that affects people on an emotional level. Know why you’re posting what you’re posting. And don’t forget to participate in the conversation! It’s invaluable to show your followers that you care.

With more than 79 million followers, National Geographic is now the most popular brand on Instagram. Nat Geo proves that long captions, once considered an Instagram faux pas, just might be the new short caption. As a print publication dating back to the 1800s, National Geographic has taken digital media and social content by the horns, demonstrating that flexibility and innovation can make you No. 1.

Users under 25 spend more than 32 minutes per day on Instagram, while those in the older age groups spend more than 24 minutes a day on the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network.

Media houses in Ghana and the African region have a trend to adapt to especially to survive the dying phase of traditional media to digital news telling.

It is about time to take the bull by its horns and follow the new wind of Instagram posts, IG stories and its possibilities.