Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua is a narrative journalist born in Italy but with Congolese roots. In her seven years spent working in the media she has collaborated with The Guardian, L’Espresso, Radio France Internationale and the BBC. Focused on international development, migration and human rights issues, she has also been a staff member of the UN Department of Information and editorial trainer for the US-based NGO World Pulse. She has won several prizes for (IN)VISIBLE CITIES: the Melograno Award for Intercultural Project from the Nilde Iotti Foundation, the Journalist of the Month for July 2014 from the International Journalists’ Network and the Multiethnicity and Interculture Prize for Journalists from the Rome Municipality.

She is a self-taught photographer, having mastered the art while interviewing photographers such as World Press Winner Jodi Bieber. Beatrice has six years of experience as a documentary producer and filmmaker educated while travelling to Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Cardiff and Istanbul for the internationally produced, independent documentary series (IN)VISIBLE CITIES and (IN)VISIBLE CITIES Istanbul, the first media product to describe the lives of African migrants in Istanbul.

She says of herself, “My media production is linked to the extensive network of people and communities visited in the course of my professional life and the urgent need to tell their stories brought me to the creation of Balobeshayi: social cooperative run by people with a migratory background and producing documentaries on social issues, delivering trainings, researching and solving social cohesion issues in highly diverse neighbourhoods.”

She is currently the President of Balobeshayi Social Enterprise ( )in London, UK where her work primarily consists of connecting creatives, media specialists, migration researchers to create positive social impact and inspiring young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to pursue social enterprise aspirations.