Ebenezar Wikina is a Port Harcourt based development journalist who is passionate about the future of storytelling; the intersection of mobile media, immersive content, investigative journalism, and most importantly, how journalists can remain relevant in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

He’s best known for his Interview series, The Stroll, which he started in 2013 with his mobile phone and has so far featured over 120 World Leaders & experts from over 30 countries. Some previous guests from “The Stroll” include; Elsie Kanza (Africa Head, World Economic Forum), Amina Mohammed (Deputy United Nations Secretary General), Mr. Michael Moller (Director-General, United Nations Office Geneva), Rt Hon Ken Macintosh (Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament), to mention a few. His work has been featured on various international platforms such as, Al Jazeera, Agenda, the United Nations, BBC Africa, The Huffington Post, to mention a few.

Ebenezar is also a TEDx Organizer, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and Guest Lecturer at the Rivers State Polytechnic, Nigeria—where he lectures Digital Journalism to over 300 final year students. His current assignment is in the Niger Delta where he serves as Project Coordinator/Editor of NDLink, a news and advocacy platform founded by PIND Foundation to coordinate development efforts in the Niger Delta region.


Source: http://ow.ly/AtP730nfbvn