Linus Unah is a young freelance journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Nigeria’s Department of Mass Communication in July 2016 and started working as a journalist, while expecting to move into creative writing which never happened. He likes travelling around Nigeria to cover neglected issues relating to health and education. When he began working, he noticed people around him making a difference in communities through journalism — and found that he wanted to do the same.

His work has been published in the Guardian, Al Jazeera, IRIN News, the Christian Science Monitor, NPR, among others. He writes about global health, conflict, agriculture and development.

In 2017, Linus and four others won the Hostwriter Pitch Prize for a collaborative project on global gentrification which beat 120 other contestants. His group proposed a series of reports comparing how people are successfully fighting against gentrification in New York, Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and Manila.

In July 2016, out of 634 entries received from 22 countries in Africa, Linus’ essay came first in the Rising Tide Foundation Essay Contest for African Undergraduates organized by the African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD).

Linus’ work as a freelancer, he says, offers him the opportunity to travel around the country. Although he is based in Lagos, he enjoys spending time in rural areas and the countryside, where he says he meets people he wouldn’t normally meet.